Two Events this Weekend

Just a quick reminder about two events going on this weekend.

Earth Day at GatewaySaturday, 10am to 3pm
Gateway Town Center, 5200 Norwood Ave

This event will offer open air market, adopt-a-plant, story tellings, gardening 101, planting by the yard (community gardening), paper bag painting contest, Greek step show, Stage Aurora, workshops, and more. Local and national environmental organizations will also be there with information and resources. Lots of fun for all ages!

10am- Opening Comments (City Commissioner)
10:15am-2:45pm- Open Air Market (School crafts, fair trade)
10:30am- Adopt a Plant Station Opens
10:30am-Story Telling (Gateway Bookstore)
11am- Gardening 101 (Flower and Vegetable)
11:30am- Planting by the Yard (Community Gardening)
11:30am- 2pm- Paper Bag Painting Contest
12pm- Landscaping and Yard Maintenance, & Water Conservation
12:15pm- Stomp the Yard (Greek Step Show)
12:30pm- Planting by the Yard
1pm-Storytelling (Gateway Bookstore)
1pm- Energy Efficiency
1:30pm- Planting by the Yard
1:45pm-Stage Aurora
2pm- Making Homemade Cleaning Supplies
2:15pm-Pretty Pet Planting Pots
2:30pm- Planting by the Yard
2:45pm- Closing Comments/ Announce Contest Winners
For more Information: 904-766-7275 or

Community Community Community FestivalSunday, 12noon to 6pm with music indoors on into the night
The Pearl 1101 N. Main Street, the parking lot, and the Springfield Community Garden (bike or carpool if possible)
$5 is the entry to get inside The Pearl to see the bands, all proceeds go to the community garden. You can also pay with canned goods or nonperishable food items, which will give you $1 off for each item. Other things to donate: old or unneeded garden tools like rakes or shovels, trash cans, wood for building (good condition only), nails, hammers, seeds and garden plants.

A celebration of community togetherness, intentional growth, and hard work with music, fun and food.
Activities will include tours of the garden, a craft bazaar and booths set up in the parking lot for games and awareness.
In the garden, there will be workshops on recycled crafts and guerilla gardening, including how to make seed bombs and moss graffiti! There will also be tours of the community garden. Twelve bands will be playing inside The Pearl. The Pearl staff will be serving various drink specials. Ultimate Picnic will provide delicious, free, vegetarian food.
Bring picnic blankets or chairs to hang out. Bring frisbees and fun.
More info at

I will be out of town and cannot make the event; the Community³ event should have some fliers for the Seed Exchange. If you get some seeds, feel free to share, donate, or trade. Enjoy your weekend!

~ by Mike on May 24, 2008.

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