World’s Hottest Pepper

Dorset Naga

I like the idea of novel plants: see my previous post on miracle fruit as an example. In my favorites I have a link to a site selling seeds for the world’s hottest pepper – the Naga Jolokia. It’s a chili pepper native to India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Measurements have confirmed a variety called the Dorset Naga, available from Dorset, England, a rating of over 1,000,000 units on the Scoville scale, which measures relative heat in foods. For comparison, Jalapeño peppers have a 2,500-8,000 rating. It has half the amount that pepper spray does- it’s HOT!

Its heat can vary wildly depending on rainfall, soil, humidity, and temperature.

I will be purchasing seeds for this some time; of course I will try to make some available for a small fee, only because of the large upfront cost to ship from the UK. I must give a warning to handle with caution should you try these on your own. Even handling the seeds without gloves can be harmful, and getting any liquid from it in your eyes is very harmful. Eat with caution, as Jacksonville Seed Exchange cannot be held responsible for your eating decisions.


~ by Mike on June 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “World’s Hottest Pepper”

  1. dear Mike,
    i am marketing the Genuine “NAGA JOLOKIA” on behalf of the Grower/Exporter messrs.Frontal Agritech India.This chilli pepper is available as “whole dried pods,powder,flakes,paste & mash”,all exports are direct ie.’grower to buyer’.Trade enquiries are welcome.

  2. Chandru,
    Do you have a web site where I can look at the prouct?



  3. Hi Louis. I don’t have a seperate site to look at the pepper; this link (click here) will take you to the Chili Pepper page. Right now I have seeds for the Dorset Naga at $1 per seed as they were imported. You can email me or click the donate button and we can work it out. Thanks!

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