Ten Steps to Proper Tree Planting

Courtesy the Duval County Extension and University of Florida/IAS:

Ten steps to proper tree planting:

1. Look up for wires and lights

2. Dig a shallow and wide hole

3. Find the topmost root and treat root defects

4. Carefully place tree in hole

5. Position top root 1-2 inches above landscape soil

6. Straighten tree

7. Remove synthetic materials

8. Add and firm backfill soil

9. Add mulch

10. Stake and prune as needed


~ by Mike on October 3, 2008.

One Response to “Ten Steps to Proper Tree Planting”

  1. This is certainly good advice. Don’t know if you realized, but several counties throughout Florida are encouraging tree planting as a means of combating high home cooling costs as well as benefitting the environment. Check out more info at: http://ordinancewatch.wordpress.com

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