Congratulations President Obama

Here’s to four great years with president Barack Obama. Four years of cleaner air, more progressive laws, cleaner water, accountability, safer food, and action on global warming.


~ by Mike on November 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Congratulations President Obama”

  1. I’m also looking forward to getting rid of Bush, but please define the word “progressive” as pertaining to laws…? If you mean a socialized government, then sorry – I’ll have to abstain from that one. All the rest sounds great, though I belive they are ours by natural right without the need for additional laws. All we need is a government that will punish those who infringe upon our right to clean air, clean water, safe food and protection from global warming.

  2. Dena – thanks for your comment. Socialism seems to be the buzzword of the moment, but when I say progressive, think JFK and especially Theodore Roosevelt. Examples being the average person should have more control over their government; women’s suffrage; eliminating government corruption; regulation of large corporations and monopolies; social justice; conservationism; populism; electoral reform (including instant runoff voting, proportional representation and fusion candidates), environmental conservation, pollution control and environmentalism, universal health care, abolition of the death penalty, affordable housing, a viable Social Security System, renewable energy, “smart growth” urban development, a living wage and pro-union policies, among many others.

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