City Sprout – New St. Augustine Community Garden

Greetings seed exchangers! I am happy to report we have a new community garden on the horizon. An organization out of St. Augustine, City Sprout, is working on a Lincolnville Community Garden! They hope to be up and running in February and are looking for experts with gardening knowledge or anyone who wants to become involved.


They have have come up with the following ideas:
Area(s) for medicinal herbs & plants
Chess & Domino tables for non-gardeners who want to enjoy the garden
Fruit Tree Donation Program
Senses Garden for the Blind

Sounds great to me!


~ by Mike on November 20, 2008.

6 Responses to “City Sprout – New St. Augustine Community Garden”

  1. I would love to be involved. I wrote a book on Medicinal Herbs and there uses. I have done a bit of gardening. Wonderful idea! I live in St. Augustine.

  2. If I can do anything to help your endeavors in the way of seed let me know. I will gladly match any purchase from your members with the equal amount of free seed for your community garden. See our Seed to Free Seed Program. We want to help community gardens grow!

  3. I am looking for a spot for a vegetable garde – 40 x 60 or better. I live in palm valley and cannot find a thing. Plenty of empty land but owners want to rent it to me for 500/month. Any ideas? Matt Brown

  4. I’m new to the area and an avid gardener from Colorado. Would love to join and meet others with the same interest.

  5. Does St. Johns County have free mulch and compost for gardeners?

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