Composting 101 Workshop at Beaches Community Garden

The Beaches Community Garden will be holding a Composting 101 workshop on Sunday, April 19. Details follow:

Composting 101
DATE:  Sunday, April 19th, 3:30 PM
LOCATION:  Community Garden, Jarboe Park, Neptune Beach (intersection of A1A and Florida Blvd.)
COST: $8
PAYMENT:  in advance; at Green Market or by mail (see contact info on webpage). Cash or Check.
Checks made to: SEE/BLFN

From the Beaches Local Food Network 3/19/09 newsletter: 

Composting and soil quality are the most important aspects of long-term sustainability for the organic gardener. This how-to class will make it easy for you to recycle nutrients at home, replenishing the soil rather than sending “garbage” to the landfill.

Sounds like a great class! I totally agree about preventing soil nutrition from entering landfills. America is the most wasteful country on Earth; let’s try not to waste a valuable resource and try to start composting more.


~ by Mike on March 20, 2009.

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