Vote for Beaches Green Market! is having a contest to vote on your favorite farmer’s market. The one Im voting for is the Beaches Green Market in Neptune Beach, Florida, and they actually award prizes to the winners! Yeah, quite the incentive.

According to Gretchen at the Beaches Green Market, if you vote for them, then you officially get a vote as to how they spend a portion of any winnings (specific live music, free food or drinks at the Market, Market party, activities, events, workshops, instructors, paying off the parking lot attendant..haha… whatever you can imagine that would benefit the community through the Market!) It’s for all of us that make the Market what it is!

Top Prize: $5,000!

Each week, a randomly picked market gets $250!

You can also be a TOP RECRUITER and win $50 cash!

Here’s the website:

Pass it along!!

Don’t forget to come by the BLFN table and get your free bumper sticker!

Here’s what I wrote:

<blockquote>With humble beginnings, Gretchen and the Beaches Green Market have proven themselves to be the model market. Too many markets don’t have standards; this one does. They are very choosy in who they allow to join; prefer organic offerings and true farmers; and offer full disclosure so consumers know exactly what they’re purchasing. In addition, they care! They have a garden for school children, and do workshops to show kids how to grow their own food. They offer workshops, teaching people how to do it on their own. I couldn’t ask for a better market.</blockquote>


~ by Mike on June 22, 2009.

One Response to “Vote for Beaches Green Market!”

  1. There are so many reasons to vote for this market – mostly because I feel connected to both the farmers, management, and the Beaches Local Food Network – the things these guys are doing is good work on a community scale.

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