4 O’Clock

We have 25 heirloom 4 O’Clock (Mirabilis jalapa) seeds available. (Source: Saint Simon’s Island)

Click here to request 4 O’Clock seeds.


3 Responses to “4 O’Clock”

  1. How would I get some four-o’clock seeds?

  2. I just have a question about pesticides. Yesterday I sprayed my 4 o’clocks with Seven spray and now they are not blooming the leaves are turning yellow. I hope water will clean off the pesticide spray and I haven’t killed them. What can I use? Some insect is eating up all the leaves. Thank you.

    • Jimmie- your first step is to find out what type of insects are eating the leaves. Then you can mount a defense. I highly discourage sevin spray (or any pesticide, for that matter); they are indiscriminate in killing insects, and sevin is acutely toxic to honeybees and cats. It also negatively affects the reproductive systems in humans. If you are growing these plants strictly for ornamental reasons, you don’t have to worry about ingestion; but if you do plan on using the plants’ leaves to eat or use as food coloring, I don’t recommend using this generation of plants.

      If you can capture an insect that is foraging, or if you can get a good photograph, I may be able to find out what it is and let you know the best natural defense. As general rules of thumb, ladybugs are great natural predators to many insects, and peppermint oil spray will kill many insects on contact without damaging most plants, affecting other insects that may visit the plants later, or cause toxicity in humans or animals as it is all natural.

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