The Great Sunflower Project

Through shady practices, I have somehow been receiving a magazine called Sunset, which is about living in the West Coast. Though I never ordered it, I do enjoy reading it, and this month’s issue had an article on The Great Sunflower Project. The project is similar to people logging views of birds to determine their populations, but this is done with bees. The organizer, Gretchen LeBuhn, sends out packets of Lemon Queen Sunflower seeds to participants who plant them, then log the activity, or lack thereof, of bees coming to the flowers. It’s pretty incredible, really. You can help by signing up and requesting seeds, or, if you want seeds for free, just email the Jacksonville Seed Exchange to get going on this great project; I have 100 certified organic Lemon Queen Sunflower seeds available, give or take. Please keep me posted if you do this; I’d like to know how bees are doing in Jacksonville.


~ by Mike on July 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Great Sunflower Project”

  1. I also started receiving a subscription for a magazine that I did not order.. My “free” subscription was for Men’s Health. (I would have preferred Sunset because I love the West Coast) thanks for the link. :-) I start paying closer attention to the bees that I see in my yard.

  2. Hi Mike. You might be interested in this link.
    We are in the Outer Coastal Plain Mixed Forest Province.

  3. another great site for learning about native bees in your garden is:

  4. I am interested in receiving seeds for participation in this project, what do I do?

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